Don’t Put Off Your Happiness. Life Is Too Short!


by David D. Holland



Are YOU keeping up with the Joneses? Our society is so caught up with materialism and the pursuit of wealth that many of us have lost the joy of everyday living. We are anxious and stressed, unmotivated, and burned out. We look at what our neighbors have and feel that we don’t measure up. But you know what? Their “success” might be coming with a hefty price tag – maxed-out credit cards, a turbulent home or work-life, addiction struggles and/or broken family relationships.


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We Carry It with Us. My Real Money radio guest, Steve Rizzo, brought the point home in a recent interview. Steve is a comedian, motivational speaker and author of the book Get Your Shift Together. When he was a child, Steve struggled with self-esteem, a burden he carried into adulthood. As a headlining comedian, Steve grappled with the fear of failure, the fear of success, and an inner-voice that kept telling him he wasn’t good enough or smart enough. Ultimately, this inner turmoil led him on a mission to achieve happiness for himself and to share that knowledge with others.


Happiness: The Elusive Goal. Steve speaks at many large corporate events. He noted how many people, especially the “higher-ups” in corporate America, think to themselves, “I’ll be happy when . . .,” but they are so busy trying to make a living and achieve what they perceive to be “success,” that they are missing out on every ounce of happiness along the way. (Don’t be that person!)


The Shift. The key for Steve, which he now shares with his audiences, was a shift in mindset. He learned to acknowledge the negative inner-voice, but to immediately focus on his strengths and talents. He no longer was obsessed with what he didn’t have, but focused on what he did have. He concentrated on what was working, not on what was not working. Most importantly, he learned to enjoy the journey along the way. Steve mentioned how many people wake up “negative” – grabbing for their cell phones before their feet touch the bedroom floor – worrying about everything that didn’t get done yesterday and must get done today. Stop! Instead, take a moment to think of all the things for which you are grateful. To begin your day motivated, you have to feel good!


Now, if you’re retired, or approaching retirement, and you’re guilty of saying: “I’ll be happy when . . .,” let me help you fill in the blank. “I’ll be happy when . . . I have a retirement plan!” Call; come in; and see how we can make it happen!



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