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10 Tips to Avoid Financial Exploitation

#1 – Technological advances allow the scammers to call you with a fake Caller ID; you simply cannot trust any calls that are made TO you.

#2 - If you are not expecting a call from your bank, credit card, or financial institution, hang-up and call them back.

#3 – Do not give any personal information to anyone who calls you on the phone.

#4 – Do not give your credit card or banking information to anyone over the phone unless YOU initiated the call.

#5 – Ask charities that call you to send their info in the mail; if they whine about the costs of doing so, just hang-up. Do NOT make donations over the phone. Same with political fundraising. If you want to contribute, go to their websites. Any reputable charity will have online donation capabilities or an address where you can mail your check.

#6 – The IRS will not call you about paying your taxes. They send their “love notes” in the mail.

#7 – Email: do not click on any links in any emails you are not expecting. Do not enter any personal information via an email link sent to you. These emails, links, and websites can be faked.

#8 - Also, be careful with emails you consider as spam. The virus or malware could be launched by your clicking on the “unsubscribe” button. “Spam and delete” should be your motto.

#9 – Do not respond to mail, email, or phone calls about winning a lottery that you never entered.

#10 – Buy nothing sold “door-to-door.” I could talk for an hour about the risks of opening your door to strangers. Just don’t open your door.

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